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Employee criticizes Arvind Kejriwal to impress his boss

02, Apr 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Aamnagar: “If you too feel that your boss is not getting impressed even if you are doing your work exceptionally well. Then you should check that, is there any difference between political inclination of you and your boss?” said Satpal Singh (surname changed) who is working as software engineer in Jhutham Computers. Amid heat of upcoming general election, he used unconventional and innovative way to impress his boss.

One of the message sent by Satpal Singh to impress his boss

As a modi supporter, his boss often discussed and praised Narendra Modi on lunch table and team meetings with colleagues. Things got worse when his boss heard his opinion in conversation cum debate with colleagues on Arvind Kejriwal. Despite completing assigned work on time, Satpal Singh’s boss didn’t bother to notice his presence in the office. On few occasions like reply of good morning greeting from him and passing Kathai Paneer to him on lunch table, his boss even ignored him.

“I was saying that Arvind kejriwal led delhi government easily passed orders to audit of electricity companies by CAG. While previous government was making excuses and opposition also didn’t take issue seriously. And recently election commission ordered deferment of an increase in gas prices after Arvind Kejriwal’s letter to election commission on gas prices. At that moment I didn’t realize that this will have heart breaking impact on my boss. Even I was doing my work well; he seemed to be disappointed by me,” said Satpal Singh astonished by the behavior of his boss.

When an office colleague adds him in Whatsapp group of office employees, there he came to know that his boss is not just Narendra Modi supporter but a NaMO fan.  Then he understood the reason why his boss once said in friendly cricket match, “Satpal toh mujhe harta hua dekhna chahta hai?

In current political scenario if you are supporting Arvind kejriwal then, by some undeclared murphy’s rule you are opposing Narendra Modi. According to Satpal Singh, his boss was not an exception to follow this rule.

Soon Satpal Singh realized that if things doesn’t get change then it will have adverse effect on his career. Newly married Satpal Singh was already running out of cash in last week of months. He made plan to save his career. He send “Jo naa lad saka Khaasi se,wo kya ladega Kaashi se” on Whatsapp group and next days he found smile on face of his boss.

To convert smiles into salary increments, he started to regularly send Arwind kejriwal jokes. On few occasions he praised Narendra Modi in front of his boss to remove iota of doubt in his boss’s mind.

Two days ago, Satpal Singh got salary increment and his boss also appreciated his work. Satpal Singh is quite confident that he will get promotion in next six month if he will keep it up.