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Election Commission to postpone elections due to shortage of ink

27, Mar 2014 By rambhupal143

Ink, which is used for putting a mark on finger of a voter has gathered now a days very high demand since it is extensively used for throwing on campaigning political leaders.

Yogendra Yadav Inked

With this ink production companies started importing for the first time from other countries but still can’t cater to the needs of the people who desperately wish to use it against politicians.

Also it being the examination season, students are also facing the shortage of ink.

Sudheer, a student from Hyderabad public school said, ‘Though I knew all answers, I could write answers for only 1 out of 10 questions’.

ABVP held protests demanding the govt to conduct viva instead of written exams.

Now shortage of ink forced Election commission India to postpone the elections till there is substancial ink is available in the market. Mean while ink shares reported a steep rise of 950%.

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