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Election Commission to conduct games instead of re-election in Delhi

19, Dec 2013 By manithan

While the media is too much focused on covering the net practice of AAP, BJP & Cong, DMDK leader Vijaykanth is silently practicing heavily and is sure of winning the games.

Delhi: In a press meet arranged today morning, Election Commission declared that it is not ready to go for re-election in Delhi.

Speaking to media, Chief Electoral Officer Dev said, “Due to the fight between AAP and BJP for forgoing Delhi CM seat, the whole country is expecting a re-election here. But, we had already spent a lot of money in the recent elections and do not want to waste our time and resource for another re-election. So, we have decided to arrange games between contesting candidates. Those who win Gold in all the games gets the CM post. Much like Olympics and Commonwealth games”.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that he would release the list of games and venues soon. But affirmed that no more voting or canvassing needed. AAP welcomed this move and said, “We had already underwent fast which increased our stamina, went for marches which increased our athletic ability and had ran away in protests which increased our running ability. We are sure of winning the games. Instead of spending the money on canvassing, we will use it to buy canvas shoes!”

BJP spokesperson commented that, “AAP has run for elections only once. We had ran for elections many times. We will surely run in this race too”. Sheila Dikshit said in an interview, “AAP won the election by blame game, so I don’t think they can win this games.”

While the candidates were busy in exercise and practicing for various games, our reporter got in touch with one of his friend in the Election Commission office, who leaked the list of games. Here are those games:

Musical Chair: Candidates for a particular constituency would be told to go around the chairs as long as music is played. One who sits in the in the last seat becomes the winner of that seat.

Kite flying: Candidates would have to cut all other kites. One whose kite stays up in the air till the last wins.

Carrom:  AAP will oppose this game, as they are against sending coins to the pockets.

Chess: Congress party will have one queen, one knight and rest will be pawns. AAP will have everyone as pawns and BJP will have their king outside the chessboard.

Election Commission is in the idea of building new stadiums and UPA has decided to give this responsibility to Suresh Kalmadi. Elections experts say that this is a political move by Congress because the poorly constructed stadium structures under Kalmadi’s supervision would fall on the AAP and BJP candidates and this can serve as another chance for Congress rule in Delhi.