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Election commission seek expert advise of Farah Khan on issue of the SP

10, Jan 2017 By rofl gujju


New Delhi: Media channels are showing headlines of Ramgopal and Mulayam visiting the Election Commission from the last 5-6 days. Both groups of Samajwadi Party (SP) seek their right on the symbol of cycle. As per the Faking news (FN) sources, EC is yet to give its verdict on this matter.

After the series of the debates, Election Commission (EC) has failed to decide. This is quasi judicial power of EC. As per FN sources, a member of the commission suggested to consult the expert of the judicial matter. As per the FN sources, Commission discussed the name of Chetan Bhagat and Farah Khan. Though Chetan has the experience to judge the dance show, Farah’s CV has a long list of giving great judgements.

Farah has judged the shows of dance, singing, cooking and many more, so far. As per FN sources, soon the Election Commission would seek the help of Farah Khan to resolve the dispute of Samajwadi Party. EC also promote this step as participation of civil society in election matters.