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Election commission decides to hold the lok sabha elections every year for the news channels

08, May 2014 By devang

New Delhi: Giving great relief to news channels Election commission has decided to hold the lok sahba election every year in the country. EC said in a press release that all the news channels have demanded this but they were looking at the possibilities.

“We  took the opinion of the top leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and Manmohan Singh but Dr. Singh did not reply .When we asked opinion of Rahul Gandhi  he said it is a very good idea to hold the lok sabha election every year. So every year new government has chance to loot the people.”

Veteran leader Lal Krishana Advani was looking very happy by this decision as his chance of becoming PM of India will increase. On the other side BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra modi lashed out at Election Commission saying that, “By holding the lok sabha election every year EC wants me to file my nomination every year so they can know more about my personal life.”

All the news channel welcomed this move from election thay not need to run any alien stories .But all the alian and wives  of Rajdeep sardesai,arnab goswami and rahul kanwal  protests by saying that  we will not get more attention,they will be more interested in modi and rahul Gandhi.