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Election Commission decides symbol for NOTA button

09, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In a recent development the Election commission of India has decided to allot Baba ji ka Thullu as symbol to the NOTA button in the upcoming elections.

NOTA symbol.
NOTA symbol.

NOTA which enables voter to reject all the candidates and vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE will be reassembled by a hand in form of a snake kept on the other hand basically “BABA JI KA THULLU” made famous by Kapil Sharma in comedy nights.

The logic behind the symbol meaning the candidates spending money on campaigns buying tickets promotions and even buying votes and instead what they get is Baba ji ka Thullu from voters

Reactions have been flowing from all parties on the same.

Pappu says : “This symbol should have been of the congress party cause after voting and winning elections what does the public gets is baba ji ka thullu “

Diggi: Isme RSS ka hath hai

Sibbal : What ever u say Pappu baba we will move to election commission for the same

Modi : People will get it if they wont vote for me and BJP

More reactions are awaited…