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Ekta Kapoor producing a new Saas-Bahu serial based on AAP infighting

31, Mar 2015 By shridhar

New Delhi: AAP has inspired millions of people in India. Latest among these millions is Ekta Kapoor. She is so moved by AAP that she is producing a new Saas Bahu serial based the story of AAP’s infighting. She spoke to our correspondent Mrunaal Kekdekar.

Kekdekar : Ekta, do you think people will like this new serial?

Ekta: (Playing with her finger rings ) Yes, they will love it! The whole concept is, how an innocent Bahu is fighting for her rights against a Stalinist Saas. It is completely a new concept and I am sure we will break all TRP records.

AAP's inspirational fights
AAP’s inspirational fights

Kekdekar: How do you plan to adapt AAP infighting into your TV serial?

Ekta: It was not easy. We really worked very hard for 2 hours. Initially Saas and Bahu will be part of the same team.They will be fighting together against the oppression of the Sabjiwalas. Once they win the battle against Sabjiwalas, differences starts creeping in.There are lots of twists.

Kekdekar: Wow, that really sounds awesome.

Ekta: I know. We will have Bahu holding press conferences after she is kicked out of her Nanad‘s marriage. She will reveal many of secrets including a tapped phone call where Saas is using cuss words about her.

Kekdekar: Do you plan to have any role which will represent other AAP members ?

Ekta: Yes, we are working on it. Later in the series we’ll bring in a Sautan. We are planning that Bahu might get married to a few more people. There are so many possibilities. Man, I am really excited! We are planning to bring roles for Anna and Kiran Bedi. Oh man! I have revealed too much.

Kekdekar: So when do you plan to release this serial ?

Ekta: We are planning to release this very soon. We want to capture the attention of the audience when AAP is in news. My astrologer has told me that, I need to bring it in within a month because my Shukra is really strong now. A month from now Rahu might effect the TRP.

Kekdekar: Really nice talking to you Ekta. I am looking forward to your new TV serial. Frankly speaking, whole of India is looking forward for it.