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Ekta Kapoor behind Indian politics

07, May 2014 By jainankit9

This is in continuation to previous report on Congress HQ Hacked. As promised by Binnu, a personal encrypted chat was arranged between our reporter and Bidu_bh@I.

To ensure complete privacy I was sent 1 ticket for 2 states and was kidnapped as I reached  cineplex. They took me to a dhaba, 25 KM far from city where arrangements for the chat were already done, laptop, data card, headphone and 200ml lassi were waiting for me.

Rizwan Sharma aka Bidu_bh@I was one of the top officials of this hacktivist group. He was born and brought up by his Hindu father and Muslim mother in Bheror, a small town in Rajasthan. Rizwan was the incharge for encryption, de-encryption and stenography projects, he was busy in de-encrypting Sonia’s HDD which resulted in delay of this interview. HDD was encrypted via a voice recognition software (128 Bit encryption)which made de-encryption tougher.

Rizwan told us, he found appointment letter, monthly scripts, wardrobe designs, makeup guides and backups on the HDD, upon digging into backups whole scenario was reveled.

He found backups of all top officials of Congress, BJP, AAP, BSP, CPI, TRS, etc including all state parties. Backups commonly included appointment letters, monthly scripts, scanned payroll cheques and a certificate of Indian Institute of Dramatics and Acting. Appointment letters and pay roll checks were issued from Balaji Telefilms Pvt. Ltd.

Upon tracking back the IP and logging into source server, Rizwan found solid proof of Ekta Kapoor producing and directing Indian Politics as a part of  real life daily soap for men. Documents revealed that Ekta Kapoor has been directing and producing Indian Politics since 5 years and will continue till next 5 years. When ekta found her daily soaps were no interest to 85% of total male population (including youngsters),  she decided to introduce a real life daily soap filled with Action, Drama, Suspense, Anger, Friendship, Betrayal and Some Females, apart from normal daily soaps and is  suitable for all ages. She has been providing all the leaks and breaking news to news channels in alternate fashion inorder to keep Indian politics spiced up so as to entertain males and keep TRP’s high.

Rizwan has deleted all the scripts present in 2014-2019 folder so as to keep politics away from being an object of entertainment but still has doubts as they might have been backup-ed or can again be re-written with more twists by highly potent story writers at Balaji telefilm’s.