Monday, 19th February, 2018

Einstein invoked for free power distribution by political parties

01, Feb 2014 By khakshar

In view of  upcoming General elections, all political parties have promised free and uninterrupted power supply to all consumers through out the nation. The manifestos are nearly ready. In view of the promise, nearly defunct CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) of India has received a much needed shot in arm.

CSIR proposes to use Einstein E=mc2, the law of relativity to produce energy in India. The theory states that when a body attains velocity to the order of  velocity of light (nearly 3 lac kilometers per second),the mass of body can be converted to energy. The scientist have roughly calculated that 1 Kilogram of mass can be converted into nearly 90000 MWHr enough for one state for a year.The only hitch CSIR  is facing is that the mass “m” refuses to bulge until it is the mass of  CM of state.

Meanwhile Tamil Nadu has welcomed the attempt of CSIR as it seems to gain the most.TN will be a power surplus state for years.Delhi has opposed the move in view of it’s CM’s health. However negotiations are on for revoking the expulsion of the stouter  MLA “BInny” and handing over the CM charge to him till the project of energy generation is complete.