Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Egypt declares its support to Narendra Modi as PM

07, Feb 2013 By Gujjucomedian

Last night when Mr.L.K.Advani and other BJP members were hiding in their blankets and planning to preserve their dreams of becoming PM, the news of finding coins with Narendra Modi’s images from Egyptian excavation sites shocked people around the country and the world.

After a mummy ran away from the surrounding areas of Giza, in the year 1991 Egypt stopped excavation from the site. But today morning, when some shepherds went there to graze their cattles, they found some coins which have hand engraved images of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Some effigies of BRT busses, Metro trains, and Caps with ‘I am PM’ message written on them were also found from the site.

When reporters of Egyptian newspapers asked how did he find these coins, the shepherd answered, “Though the area is deserted and has less amount of forage, we saw some light coming from the farthest area and we went ahead in the direction of the light. We went there thinking some aliens might have arrived, but we found shiny items. The intensity of light was so high that we couldn’t even open our eyes. After sometime, when the sun rose to its fullest, light decreased and we opened our eyes we realized that there were gold coins with Narendra Modi’s images engraved on them.”

A coin with Narendra Modi’s image

When asked how did he know Narendra Modi, the shepherds talked about 5th century Egyptian sacred texts and rebirth of Egyptian god of development ‘NaMosis’. God ‘NaMosis’ was very popular in Egypt at that time. He once said that in 21stcentury he will be born in India and will be the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat, and will be known by the name of ‘Narendra Modi’. Impressed by the loyalty of some of his devotees, he also blessed them to be with him in the future. NaMosis also pointed that at that at times he may encounter some problems becoming the PM candidate, but with the help of his devotees he would successfully sail through.

Considering all the news reports, Egyptian sacred texts and Egypt-India’s friendly relationship, Prime Minister of Egypt has requested BJP to declare Narendra Modi’s name as PM candidate. He further said if their demand were to be fulfilled, Egypt will help India in winning all the Gold Medals in the Olympic Games 2032, which will be held in Egypt.

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has thanked Egyptian PM Hesham Kandil for supporting him and invited Egypt to become the partner country for the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015.

On the other hand, BJP members have again started raising voices in favor of Narendra Modi. BJP member and popular lawyer Ram Jethmalani said, “Now that Egypt has declared its support, BJP should not delay in declaring him as its candidate. In fact, in my dreams, I have started seeing Narendra Modi sitting in the PMO.”

But some of the BJP leaders fear that if they declare Narendra Modi as the PM candidate, opposition parties will jibe at NaMo’s foreign origin and won’t let him become PM. But few BJP candidates have already started celebrations and they also shouted ‘Hindi-Egy bhai bhai’ slogans outside the BJP office in delhi.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi has also approached his Italian Uncle Quattrochi and demanded an immediate support favoring him as the PM of India.  Sushil Kumar Shinde and Digvijay Singh are also trying hard to gain support from Pakistan and Afghanistan respectively for Rahul baba’s  Prime Ministership.