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Effective 2014, April Fools Day to be celebrated as AAPril Fools Day: AAP

01, Apr 2014 By manithan

Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party has released a press statement that “April 1 which was celebrated as April Fools Day, will henceforth be called as AAPril Fools Day. If people do not call others as ‘AAPril fools’ on that day, they will be branded as Ambani’s agent by Kejriwalji”.

Posters plastered across India, also tweeted in Twitter and shared most in Facebook by Aam Aadmis

Speaking to the Media, Salim Yogendra Yadav further elaborated that, “Due to the pressure from Election Commission, our hands are tied to proceed with any kind of propaganda to reach the voters. Though we stay in media-light always and do some monkey tricks to catch attention of people, we are not yet able to fool reach them. We have already fooled reached Delhiites, but this is time to fool reach the whole India. So, aam aadmis who do not want to be labelled “corrupt” or worse “Ambani’s Agent”, please mention AAPril fools on April 1 and also try to fool reach more voters. Our supreme leader, High commanders, Lords of the seven seas and the God of Gods, Arvind Kejriwalji, has decided to rename April Fools Day as AAPril Fools Day.”

Following this, AAP supporters across India were initially confused over how to fool others. If they did not fool anyone, then their His Holiness Master will get angry on them and label them Modibots. So, they started spreading the info among their circles that reading their election manifesto itself is equal to fooling the voters. And hence, aam aadmis have planned to shout their election manifesto on every street corners on April 1 with caps and brooms.

When asked about the reason for renaming the April Fools Day, one aam aadmi party leader, who is planning to leave the party, said sarcastically, “He is confident after fooling the whole Delhiites for the past two years. He has fooled Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh, Baba Ramdev and many others while he was in “India Against Corruption” movement. Then, he fooled Delhi people during election and in the 49-day long rule. Now, he is confident that he can fool all Indians. After all, aam aadmi already translates to Fool in dictionary nowadays.”

A communal fascist BJP supporter, revealed a shocking info around the renaming of the day ,”See the term AAPril, Here AAP stands for Aam Aadmi Party. And RIL stands for Reliance India Limited. It is actually AAP & RIL fooling the Indians day-to-day. Actually, Ambani and Arvind are hand in glove in fooling the Indians. Kejriwal acts like enemy of Ambanis to media, but in real, they both have conspired to take over India. That is why, this AAP-RIL Fools Day is started.”