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Earlier it was khadi now it is u-turn, the new lowest common denominator of Indian politicians: Survey

24, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

NEW DELHI- According to a recent survey u-turn has upstaged khadi to be the new hallmark of Indian politicians.

90% of Indians now believe that bigger the u-turn undertaken by a politician, bigger are his chances of being in a plum post. This is clear reversal in ‘whiter the khadi, higher the kursi’ trend.

“This is what the people on the street are feeling, whether you like it or not. General perception is that you can now promise anything like swaraj, aachhee din, rangili raateen and after winning just take a convenient U-turn. Simple, no fuss and wonderful. Winner Winner chooses his own dinner. That’s the glory of victory achieved by promising moon. However, people are getting smarter by the hour and this u-turn funda may not work another time another day. Politicians can control things to an extent and limit. Perhaps we are reaching that limit and like they have rejected spotless white khadi bearing dynasty rulers they will soon discard the u-turn breed of politicians too,” Mr. Budhimaan Swami(renowned social scientist) told faking news.