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Dynamics of Chai Chaupal

05, Feb 2014 By khakshar

With the BJP deciding on it’s ‘Chai pe Charcha’  or ‘Chai Chaupal’ to be conducted through out the country, analogies with the Great India Tea company has started.

With thousands of such meetings planned ,the party is working on ensuring ample supply of Tea ,sugar and milk . Water is not a concern with “Sardar Sarovar Yojana” indenturing many areas and AAP ensuring 666 liters of water per household per month.

Narendra Modi
Modi in his attire.

Regards Tea the arrangements seem to lag behind. The earlier supplier of Tea “Asom Gana Parishad” has been asked to stop supply in view of it’s poor and erratic deliverance. Darjeeling tea supply is being worked upon but Trinamool Congress is adamant of the tea supply will come with West Bengal tag. The leader of BJP who had earlier worked on Darjeeling Tea supply is himself sidelined in the Party.

TMC does not seem to be in mood to supply Tea to the Company without proper pre-poll portfolio arrangement .The supply of “Nilgiri Tea” has not been ensured. AIADMK has taken a traders posture of aligning with the original “Chai Wallas” i.e. the Communists.

However other sources tell that the present agreement between AIADMK and CPI is to negotiate a bargain. Sources close to AIADMK say that the supplier wants to ensure “Amma Idlis” to be served before any beverages.

Though the milk supply is in abundance from Gujarat , there is a small issue involved. People in many parts of India like their tea in Buffalo  milk. A senior Party leader has been deputed in Uttar Pradesh to ensure that Buffalo milk supply is uninterrupted.

Sources believe that the Victorian Buffalo  movement can be accredited to the great organizing skilled leader. His skills were also spotted in some close investigation and follow cases.

A very good news has come from west of India. As rumors would make us believe that Daddy of all “Sugar Daddys” has met the  Chai Chaupal headman and ensured continuous supply of “Sugar”. Meanwhile a YogiRishi is rumored to be working on using cow extracts to make tea.