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DU increases cut-offs for admissions; AAP blames BJP for inflation in cut-offs

24, Jun 2015 By sameer mahawar

दिल्ली विश्विधालय. Getting a seat into North Campus of the University of Delhi is a dream for every undergraduate, but it comes at price of high cut-offs.

Giving cutthroat competition to Dettol and Lifebuoy, who claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs, the premier institutes in North Campus have declared their first cut-off list with percentages as high as 99%, which is the minimum required, in order to get a seat.

The cut-off is 0.25% higher than the previous year’s figures. This nominal rise has given an opportunity to AAP to blame BJP government for bringing the inflation in cut-offs.

To be in the spotlight, spokesperson from AAP has said, “The Jumla party has yet again deceived the public. Apart from raising commodity prices, they have started raising the cut-off marks. Modiji should understand that though he may get his foreign trips sponsored from the high prices charged for commodities, but inflating the cut-off figures won’t bring any monetary benefit to him. Such high cut-offs gives birth to likes of Smriti Iranis and Jitendra Singh Tomars who can’t make to the desired colleges and end up getting degrees from nearest Photoshop and Photostate shops.”

Our reporter tried to approach Jitendra Singh Tomar but he was not available for comments.

The student community from IIN is also in favour of AAP government. “Due to such high cut-offs, we are forced to join IINs, whose monthly bill is less than the cut-offs for general category students in DU”, posted the President of IIN student union on Facebook. His post got likes and shares from the students of Sharda University and Lovely Professional University.

Another blame which the AAP government has put is that BJP wants only super-intelligent and high class Hindus to enter Shri RAM College, RAMjas College and particularly HINDU College. These colleges should be asked to change their names in order to avoid communal favoritism.