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Dr. Manmohan Singh beats the quietest place in the world to reach No. 1 position

09, Aug 2013 By ishkee

New Delhi. Making it to the list of achievements of the current UPA government, the top slot for the quietest place on earth was bagged by India. Striving hard since it gained power in 2004, this milestone was achieved by India recently after the “Quiet” answer by Dr. Manmohan Singh to Pakistan Government after killings of Indian Soldiers in Poonch, J&K.

Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh is expected to show victory sign after this major victory

With this being the height of being silent on external aggression by any premier of any nation (leave alone the biggest democracy and second largest population in world) the Guinness Book of World Records has taken notice of this feat and pushed the ‘anechoic chamber’ at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis, USA to number 2.

The Orfield Labs have taken this in good spirit as they agree that nothing can be as “Quiet” as the Indian P.M. especially when the people in Orfield Labs are used to listening to their Premier talk on relatively smaller issues like “listening/spying on people”.

As per the press release by the Guinness Book of World Records, the P.M. of India has been 99% silent during his tenure of 9 years, the 1% of talking was the time when he said “Theek Hai” and “Yes Madam”. Not that he hasn’t spoken other than those four words, but whatever he has spoken has been wiped out of the general public memory.

“Theek Hai” being his famous quote, people of India have lovingly started calling him “Maunmohan” Singh which in Hindi means “Quiet Lion”.

The PM is sometimes so quiet that you can hear the internal noise and depressing realities of the conscious of the people he is said to be governing. As per the press release, Guinness Book is also contemplating on the thought of rewarding India with the “Most Patient country in the World” title after seeing its people endure the silence for 10 years.

We are still waiting for the P.M. to express his thoughts on this latest achievement.