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Don't declare polls in Delhi, I will fight elections from Gaza: Kejriwal

05, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

New Delhi. He came, he coughed and he declared. Delhi’s favorite marathon boy Arvind kejriwal lived up to the last mile of his runaway legacy when he declared that polls should not be held in Delhi anytime soon as he would be contesting elections from ‘gaza strip’.

A determined Kejru

“I dare BJP not to declare polls in Delhi. I have made alternative arrangements already. My candle light vigil for Gaza was my stepping stone towards new pastures. I will be leaving for Gaza soon along with my leftover party loyalists. Gaza needs my broom more than Delhi. Now I am a self certified desi secularist, hence, extremists in Gaza will simply love me. Hamas will have AK49 by there side to fight Israelis. Ashutosh will impart top of the class wall climbing and stone pelting skills to hamas cadre. Prashant Bhusan ji will help hamas in arranging a referendum on the lines he proposed for Kashmir. Dilip pandey will take hamas propaganda to a new height through a poster war against Israel. Yogendra bhai will collect all daily raw data of successful rockets launches by Hamas at Israeli civilians. Manish will ensure that Hamas shelters and tunnels in gaza are in excellent condition. Somnath will teach Hamas how to conduct surprise raids. Kumar Vishwas, the most expensive kavi will boost the sagging morale of hamas with his new poetry collection that too free of charge. SATHIYON, with these contributions we will form an electoral alliance with Hamas and I am sure aap-hamas combine will sweep Gaza elections hands up. And, then our party will have its coffers full with donations from Arab shieks,”a confident Kejriwal told his followers.

His announcement was greeted with loud chants of ,’Chande ki jai, hame chahiye poora Chanda‘ from his few remaining trusted lieutenants. As per reliable sources other prominent secularists like Tauqueer raza and Imran masood are also interested in joining Kejriwal’s Gaza ambition.