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Donkeys from Uttar Pradesh protest, planning migration to Gujarat

21, Feb 2017 By Nitin Jain

Thousands of donkeys protested in all major cities of Uttar Pradesh. During an election rally, Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav asked Shri Amitabh Bachhan to stop endorsing donkeys of Wild Ass Sanctuary in Gujarat. Akhilesh ridiculed Gujarat tourism campaign by asking “What will happen if the donkeys also start getting advertised”.

Donkey moving to the place where they are respected
Donkey moving to the place where they are respected

Dansin, donkey community leader from Lucknow, spoke to our reporter. He told how whole community was hurt by Yadavji’s comment. He said, “We are one of most hard working animals. Till recently, donkeys were taken for granted. People used word donkey to ridicule others. Instead, word donkey should have been used for appreciating hard work. We were thrilled that Gujarat government is endorsing us while campaigning for tourism. We saw light of hope. We dreamt that donkeys too will have improved status. We will have better living condition across India. But CM Saheb’s remark is shameful and disgusting. He is not our CM”.

We are one of most hard working animal- Dansin

Perukh, another senior donkey leader said, “This shows Uttar Pradesh CM is speciest. Would he have said same if the campaign had lions or horses? Seems like the mindset that will never change. Most of all this shows we will never be appreciated in Uttar Pradesh.” One donkey, working in Uttar Pradesh government, said on condition of anonymity, “I always knew condition of donkeys cannot improve in UP. Politicians here just use us as vote bank. But I also never thought we will be ridiculed so openly. We may not have best of brains. But that is also true for many politicians. Not everybody can be from IIT, right”.

Donkeys raised slogans asking community to move to Gujarat. Senior leader of donkeys of Gujarat welcomed their folks from UP. Najaya told our reporter that they would do best that they could for their friends. He added that he was hopeful that Gujarat government will help them in settling down quickly.