Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Dokalm Stand is off: Credit goes to RaGa

29, Aug 2017 By Madhura Joshi

While all those Sanghi -BJP agent news channels are going Ga-Ga over diffused tensions between India and China; all the way giving credit to NaMo; what no one’s talking about is India’s superboy RaGa. Sources in the Chinese Government; on the condition of not  disclosing their name have informed us  that RaGa not Modi is responsible for diffused tensions.

In July; when RaGa met the Chinese Ambassador with his Personal Army consisting of his sister Priyanka Gandhi and her poor farmer husband; RaGa while having Manchow Soup and Noodles  with the Ambassador warned him that if China further escalates situtation then he will be compelled to let loose Chhota Bheem on him. Further he also warned them that in case of Full-Scale war he wont hesitate to use Power Rangers against them. Poor Farmer Vadra later  tried cool down the conversation by offering to buy chinese land for farming.

RaGa also was willing to  empower Chinese Women as his father empowered women like ShahBano. He also didn’t forget to again warn China while shaking hand with them and threated to use Doraemon’Gadgets against them. This nuclear bomb threat by RaGa quivered China and it was compelled to withdraw its troops within a month. Its really shameful that media is giving credit to KadiNinda rather than Chota Bheem. When will this media understand that SuperBoy RaGa  deserves credit for the current Doklam relieved tensions?