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Dogs arrested for barking at a cow, Owner too taken into custody

04, Jun 2017 By mathi karikalan

Lucknow: UP police along with the help of Gau-Rakshaks have taken into their custody 4 dogs including a Doberman for continuously barking at a cow here on Thursday. The owner of the Doberman was also taken into custody under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules, 2017, and his other pets are kept at tight vigil.

Our reporter managed to catch a photo of the culprits, live in action
Our reporter managed to catch a photo of the culprits, live in action

Irked by the barking incident, the UP RSS chief has asked the Central government to declare the dog fraternity as a national threat and demanded stringent punishment for the dogs under National Security Act. He also added that “Our national symbol has been under attack for quite some time from various quarters and now the dogs (pun intended?!) also have joined. It’s time that the youth of the state join hands against the dogs and their barking nature against our cows.”

The Gau Rakshaks have released a video footage of the incident wherein three stray dogs and a Doberman were seen barking at and biting the cow. The UP govt sought experts’ help from Google and Quora to help them identify what was the message under the dogs’ bark. ABVP National President reportedly said, “There’s no need for any foreign help, as it’s already clear that the barks are clearly anti national and anti-cow in nature. This is an open attempt to endanger the sovereignty of the cow population in the country. We demand Z+ security for the cows”. He also added that the ABVP will lend its full support in the protest against dogs across the country.

Former UP Congress Chief has rubbished the arrest saying “This is a clear violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, (1960). Barking is a fundamental right and nature of dogs and the UP government cannot take that away. We will stage a barking protest in front of RSS and BJP head offices in UP tomorrow. I dare (them to) arrest us this time”.

Unsure of which side to take, the Animal Welfare Board of India has not replied to any of the mails asking for its comment on the arrest of dogs.