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DLF to build and donate new 202 storied skyscraper for Norwegian Nobel Committee

14, Oct 2012 By SM

OSLO, NEW DELHI – Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, which decides the Nobel Peace Prize, is about to get e new headquarter address, thanks to construction giant DLF. Friday night the committee declared in a press conference the Indian Construction company DLF has come to help the organization by constructing a 202 storied skyscraper, which will be a new record high building when completed. With expected height of 835m, it will surpass the Burj Khalifa.

“We were pleasantly surprised when this company called us saying that they want to construct a world-record-high-building free-of-charge. We have never seen such donation work before, this even accounts for mare than what Mr. Alfred Nobel gave in his will.”, said Geir Lundestad

Inside sources in the committee have disclosed that all the company asked for was the Nobel Peace Prize for year 2014. “No! not to the company but to Mrs. Sonia Gandhui.” added our inside source.

As our journalist explored further a lady member said, “As the prize for this and the next year is already declared we are not seeking any entry for next year and a half.” This might put DLF in pressure to complete this building in this time.

When asked by our journalist Mr. Kapil Sibbal Denied any hidden government (read CON-gress) hand in this. Meanwhile CON-gress government in Maharashtra has announced an 176,000 acre SEZ for DLF in Mumbai.