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Dissent in NDA government after Rail Budget

11, Jul 2014 By khakshar

Cracks are appearing in the NDA government for the first time since it’s coming to power nearly 6 weeks ago. It’s learnt that it is not due to the functioning or style of the leader of the government but it is more on policy matters.

Many ministers feel aggrieved by the Rail Budget presented on 8th July.   Some ministers are sulking as they think their rightful limelight has been taken away by the Railway Minister. It is learnt from reliable sources that everything is not well in Ministry of Railways. The Minister of State of Railways seems to be peeved off.

The “Gutka and Paan chewing Bhaiyya ji” minister is livid at his pet proposal not being included in the proposed Rail Budget for 2014-2015. His proposal of having “Gutka” vending machines in all compartments of “Bullet Trains” seems to be a non starter.  The proposed plan if implemented would have been a revenue earner for the Railways. The “Shauqeen” Minister was of view that Premium Gutkas for  high class “Unche Log and Kamyab Log preferred favorite  chewing Past time”  would only be available at these special GTMs (Gutka Tending Machines) . The plan was also to sell these Chew Granules at a premium on the MRP.

The Minister of State was excited about opening of Railway University and had proposed first research for the esteemed Railway University faculty. He had proposed that energy for the accessories in the compartment  of these High Speed trains could be generated from the heat of the Gutkha left overs normally spit dry in water basins of compartment. These leftovers are high in latent energy.

The proposal had some entertainment value too as “How far one spits ” games could be enjoyed by the high class Gutkha chewing passengers. It should be noted that before rise of Suarez , this game of Spits was popular with Uruguayan football players .  During 1980s the Uruguayan players  trained  to spit on face of opponents if they failed to win the ball.

However all proposals were met with stiff resistance from health minster too.