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Disillusioned AAP leaders to form NOTA party

07, May 2014 By trishanku

A secret meeting of the ‘ex-leaders’, including some founding members, and ‘ex-admirers’ of AAP, was held somewhere in Delhi. FN correspondent ‘somehow’ sneaked in, spending just Rs 100 in the endeavour. Here is a summary of what transpired in that unusual meeting.

After venting the anger against their former icon in unprintable language, they got down to business: ‘What should we do now?’ was the main question. Many admirers suggested that they should seek some jobs, but the leaders were very concerned with this change of heart.

“How can we give up our fight against corruption and communalism?” exhorted the founding member Ashwani.

Most agreed that the ‘fight’ should continue, but were wary of starting another party and fighting elections. The brain storming session continued till late at night when finally a brilliant idea emerged which satisfied all the criteria of criticising others and denying them certificates of honesty, not getting caught up in any responsibility, needing minimal funds etc.

The idea was to form a NOTA party. Its prime objective: to fight corruption and pseudo-corruption, communalism and pseudo communalism, criminals and pseudo criminals, dynastic rule and pseudo dynastic rule, and authoritarianism and pseudo authoritarianism by popularising the use of NOTA button in the elections.

It would not put up its candidates anywhere, but only ensure the defeat of the candidates who were not meeting their criteria of probity, honesty, humility and secularism. “Thus our party would work for cleansing the politics in the true sense of the term”, said Binny, the convenor of the meeting.

They have approached Election Commission to register it as a national party and consider all NOTA votes as given to them. Thus, in case the NOTA votes in any constituency turn out to be the largest, EC will be forced to do re-election since, true to our nature of self-sacrifice for the sake of country- we would not be announcing any candidates for our symbol.

It is learnt that many other leaders who are still with AAP, have given feelers that after the Lok Sabha elections they might also join the new outfit in case the NOTA votes are more than those given to AAP.