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Disappointed with slow growth, people endorse Harry Potter to be India’s next PM

30, May 2015 By anuj

Disappointed with the slow growth people supporting various parties came together to endorse Harry Potter as the new prime minister. Plans had been laid down to meet the legendary wizard (who disguise himself as Rupert Grint) and convince him to be the prime minister of the country.

One of the enthusiastic member said “See we need an overnight success in the country. If a prime minister can’t transform a country immediately within a day then what good is he? Clearly we need someone with a magic wand. We have laid down the plan to get India the need but not deserve right now.”

Harry Potter
Next Prime Minister of India?

Our correspondent, ‘Fake Arora’ asked them why not seek the great Indian magicians which were mentioned in the Indian mythology and why go find someone who is not even Indian because of which he was frowned upon and called “bhagt”. After intense stare of one hour the other enthusiastic member replied “See this is what we don’t want. Modi has filled your brains with false fact everyone knows those books don’t tell real stories and even if they do Harry Potter can beat every one of them. Plus we need to maintain the secular fabric of India and every ancient text as we all know is communal.”

Several attempts have been made to reach Mr. Harry Potter and convince him to be India’s PM. When asked about the development in convincing him Mr. Big Faker replied “We are in continuous touch with our team who are begging Mr. Potter (who calls himself Rupert Grint to avoid recognition) to save India and transform it within a night. I am pleased to inform that the reactions are positive.”

One of the volunteer who was very keen to give us information said “As we all know how gentlemen English masters (people) are, at first he denied of having any magical power which in fact represents his down to earth attitude. And now he is sharing our common interest, he loves burger like us and offered us free burger. Yesterday He went inside his house and shouted ‘Burger off’. Tears of joy came out of my eyes”

Looking at the new faking party coalition stakes are getting high and land beneath Mr. Modi’s feet is shrinking. Now he can either learn the secular wizardry in secular school of Hogwarts and transform India with his magic wand in one night or we have new hope in Harry Potter. Till then we will continuously mock his work and call him UPA 3.