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Dinanath Batra: Oman is actually Namo written backwards accidentally, is thus an extension of Gujarat

16, Jun 2015 By lakshaytive

Educationalist Dinanath Batra, who has figured prominently in the Narendra Modi government’s educational reforms, yesterday in an interview said that the Middle Eastern nation of Oman was actually supposed to be named Namo, but was spelled backwards by mistake.

Batra said, “Oman is a great country with an ancient history and culture, and was the first sign of the coming Modi wave. It was supposed to be called Namo, but since Arabic script is written from right to left, it was accidentally written as Oman, and the error carried on from there.”

He also spoke about how in 2010, Oman was named the most improved country in the previous 40 years by the United Nations Development Programme, and that this was a direct result of the erstwhile Gujarat government’s pro-development policies. Batra added, “Oman and Gujarat have historically shared good relations, with the Gujarat coast being the closest Indian place from Oman, and thus Modiji decided to gift Oman some #AchheDin”.

Sambit Patra, national spokesperson of the BJP, who is usually given charge of defending statements made by BJP and RSS affiliates, was contacted for comment, but said that even he was too dumbfounded to say anything this time.