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Digvijay Singh suffers intense headache in his knees

01, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

Delhi: When giving a statement over the issue of Tarun Tejpal’s escalator sex scandal with young journo, congress spokesperson groaned out of severe pain in his knees.

An upset Digvijay after he failed to understand cause of headache.

It was a routine instance in recent times when he suffered such pain after he slipped on linking an irrelevant incident to RSS and BJP, and blaming the leaders of opposition for not inflaming and politicizing the issue of Tarun Tejpal. Because of which he fears losing his dishonor as well as USP.

Due to intense pain, he broke down and fell on the floor holding his knees with both hands and screamed something like modieeeee modieeeee. Faking news reporter who was present at his office helped him to get up and took him to his ayurvedic doctor(hakeem), Dr. Ghutna Raahat Khan. Our reporter advised Singh that if he has some reputation, may be bad, or he can use Madam Ji’s name to get his check up in any Corporate/Hotel looking hospital or AIIMS instead of this Hakeemkhana!

But Singh was okay with his decision to come down to Dr. Khan perhaps due to some secular reasons. Mr. Singh then thanked our reporter and asked him to leave with the assurance that he will manage to go back to his office. But our reporter was not such fool like the leader-cum-patient assumed. He kept back and hid himself under a table covered with dark green sheet outside the small room containing a small shelf and some medicine bottles scribed with Urdu.

Hakeem Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Raahat Khan diagnosed Mr. Singh for as long as 785 seconds and the very next second(785+1) he concluded that, the pain in his knees is due to certain disgusting ideas taking place in his head.

Many disgusting and sickening ideas keep hovering inside my head every time, but why so much pain today and that too in my knees, inquired Singh.

Hakeem Sahab replied, “Your brain is connected to your knees via some hollow veins, through which your knees access the majority portion of your brain (which your statements reflect, our under the table reporter tweeted in sleeves). When your brain got handicapped to hold the over flow of junk thoughts you manufacture almost every time, it started supplying them to knees and resulted in severe pain after traffic jammed inside.”

Digvijay tried to restore about what he was actually thinking when it started paining, and squeezed his knees to get fast response from his mind. Ohh, I was talking about sex scandal to that poor unemployed reporter, Digvijay gave naughty smile to Hakeem Khan.

But how there is a connection between my head and my knees, if there is something happening up the belly, how it can influence something down the belly, yielded Singh.

Faking news reporter came impatiently and hurriedly out of the table and shouted:

“Like RSS influences internal security!”

“Like BJP influences Tarun Tejpal case and”

“Like Modi wave influences communalism!”  And the reporter ran away like leopard.

Later Hakeem sahab discharged Singh. Other than ayurveda, he prescribed to rub Moov and swallow pain killer if it pains in head, and Saradon and Disprin if it pains in Knees.