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Digvijay Singh joins AAP, Congress celebrates

08, Jan 2014 By sportstadkakk

It’s official now. Confirming all the rumors, former Congress spokesperson (LOLperson) Digvijay Singh has decided that he will be joining Aam Aadmi Party and would promote them in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Digvijay now making his name in cricketing circles.
Digvijay Singh is quite excited to join AAP.

While travelling in his chartered plane Digvijay (aka Diggy Raja) in his official statement said, “Yes its true. I am moving on in life. I have decided that Aam Aadmi Party is my ultimate destination. I am in awe of Mr. Kejriwal and his simplicity.”

Adding to it he said he’s also impressed by the way Arvind can change his guard and said the other parties should learn from him.  “The way he takes no stand on national issues and asks the media to question Narendra Modi and Rahul Baba (yes Diggy said exactly this) instead is quite extraordinary. His deflection power is a thing I crave. I need to take some training from Kejri baba for my next missiles on Modi.”

Confirming the news was his tweet to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal which read as, “@arvindkejriwal I am coming. Fir Modi ki keh ke lenge. Hi five!”

Meanwhile, when the Aam Aadmi Party leaders were contacted about it, like every case, everyone had their unique opinion and conditions for Diggy to join the Party.

Prashant Bhushan asked Digvijay to express his views on the Kashmir issue whereas Yogendra Yadav asked him whether he would like to see Arvind as the PM or not. On the other hand, the ever-smiling Shazia Ilmi said, “We will declare it at the right time and it will be confirmed once our national manifesto comes.”

Sources however say that Kumar Vishwas would feel an inferiority complex if Digvijay joins AAP.

On the other hand, 10 Janpath had a festive atmosphere. The Congress party was celebrating like they have won the elections (which is highly unlikely given the current annihilation in the assembly polls) once they heard the news of Digvijay Singh leaving their party.

Sonia Gandhi was in tears when asked about it and said, ” I have never been so happy in recent times. Finally Diggy ne meri antaratma ki awaaz sun li!! ” exclaimed the Congress President.  “Now waiting for the announcement from Jairam ji and Shinde ji as well.”

The only person who was rather gloomy was Rahul Gandhi (aka Shehzada by Modi and Rahul Baba by Diggy Raja) who said he’s disappointed with this. He was a student of Digvijay Singh and was learning oratory skills from him.

Inside sources tell us that it was Diggy who used to write the script of Rahul’s speech. Now we know why he wasn’t happy. Meanwhile, Sanjay Jha has declared himself as the new Congress spokesperson and new speech writer for Rahul ji. (We can hear Arnab’s laughter reverberating all over India on this announcement)

Meanwhile, when the Prime Minister was asked to express his views he said he hasn’t ‘applied his mind’ over it and left it to the historians to decide what they think of it.