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Digvijay Singh cites consultant conspiracy as cause of election catastrophe

13, Dec 2013 By srinjoy

Congress who reportedly hired the best Consultants in the run up to the polls have claimed damages worth crores spent on the faulty campaign in the 4 states.

Conspiracy is in our pants, in our shirts.

Digvijay Singh, AICC secretary has claimed that there was a planned sabotage by these consultants.  He said, “The consultants that work in these firms are mostly IITians. They have colluded with AAP also lead by an IITian. We have been back stabbed. We have laid our hands on a video tape confirming this allegation and will unveil it during next Delhi election which does not seem far away.”

Mr.Singh claimed it was Mckinsey’s idea to portray Rahul as Pappu to counteract the Namo effect. Countering this blame Mckinsey explained how they had planned to fill the void left by Lalluji’s conviction by the new firebrand of Pappu humour . As a proof of success the company released stats showing that Pappu has been used about 5 times more than Namo in social media .

Mckinsey in their international newsletter has published a case study on how they achieved the impossible feat of a Congress win in Mizoram. They have put in a detailed report on how their strategy of not letting Rahul campaign in Mizoram paid huge benefits. Owing to Pappu’s inability to draw even a handful of people in the national capital Delhi, they could not take any risk in a far less populated Northeast.

Meanwhile there is news that after Rahul Gandhi’s massive management change initiative in the Congress, all consulting teams have put in their best guys to prepare a bid. Since the Scam filled 2G auction such enthusiasm was missing during the present Congress Raj.

Digvijay Singh has claimed that BCG will be given the contract. He has claimed that BCG has done a superb job giving him tips  to counter Arnab’s argument after the great loss .

To his surprise Arnab was actually listening to what he had to say. He also claimed that an internal report by BCG has proved that movies are the real reason for their recent loss. Wednesday’s “Aam Aadmi”, “Boss”,  “Aunty police bula legi”, JTYJN’s “Pappu can’t dance saala”, all have gone too far maligning the AICC. Kapil Sibal has confirmed that these movies have inappropriate content and will come under the ambit of the same law banning porn in India.

We keep our fingers crossed to see which firm the Congress rests it’s hopes on to make the impossible possible.