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Digvijay Singh announces marriage of Rahul Gandhi, find details of the event

03, Apr 2015 By frustmanoos

A press conference was hastily convened by Congress leader Digvijay Singh in response to Giriraj Kishore’s slanderous and racist remarks. The main highlights of Digvijay’s speech are as follows-

Digvijay Singh discussing Rahul Gandhi's marriage with Rahul Gandhi
Digvijay Singh discussing Rahul Gandhi’s marriage with Rahul Gandhi

i. We strongly criticize Narendra Modi for his remarks against Madam. He is promoting racism, communalism, capitalism and Casteism through his remark. I demand NaMo’s resignation.

ii. Congress Party and the nation owe their existence to the Gandhis. Madam Sonia is a direct blood relation of the father of our nation. As the senior most Gandhi lady in the country today, she should be called Rashtramaata or the Mother of the Nation.

iii. NaMo must resign since he has ridiculed the mother of the nation

iii. NaMo’s remarks are directed against the minorities and are symptomatic of the divisive agenda of the VHP & RSS.

iv. In view of such racism, I demand that the government introduce a 50% quota for the differently colored citizens of this country. Within this quota, there must be reservation for SCs, STs, OBCs, Muslims and Christians. Creamy layer may be excluded from this.

v. Government has spoiled India’s nations with foreign countries because of PM’s irresponsible remarks. I have heard news reports that Pakistan is now planning to import Boko Haram militants to protect the rights of differently colored Indians. I applaud Mr. Sharif for this humanitarian gesture.

vi. We will approach the Parliament of UK, the US congress and the UN to bring censure against the Indian government for this statement of the Prime Minister. We will also speak to the honorable President to dismiss this government

At this time, a journalist interrupted Digvijay Singh to correct him that the statement was made by a minister and not the Prime Minister. Digvijay Singh called that journalist an RSS agent and asked him to leave. Post this, Digvijay Singh continued-

i. Congress Party is committed to secularism and will always fight against the communal tendencies of this government.

ii. To show our commitment to safeguarding the rights of all minorities, I am pleased to announce that Rahul Baba will marry a Nigerian woman this year,

iii. Ms. Akubebe Bukawawa will take the name Monica Gandhi after her marriage and will be Congress’ Shehzaadi.

iv. As per Congress’ leadership planning, Rahul Baba will become the Congress President in 2015, Monica will become the Congress President in 2021. Rahul Baba and Monica’s elder child will become the Congress President in 2037.

v. I will continue to serve Congress leaders till death does us apart. After that my children will take to this family business.

vi. As a responsible Congress worker, I have only one faith… Loyalty to the Gandhis… no sorry… Loyalty to the country led by the Gandhis!

vii. Invitation card for the wedding will be shared later. All I can say is “लाहुल भैय्या की सादी में जलूल से जलूल आना “

The gathering broke up to the cries of “राहुल बाबा की उठेगी डोली, देश भर में मनेगी होली “