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Digvijay now calls Arvind as HSBC agent

15, Nov 2012 By ashutosh78

While Indian mango people are still discussing if kejriwal is a RSS agent or a congress agent Digvijay Singh has fired a fresh Salvo at Kejriwal putting a new twist to the who is kejrival debate. the fresh assertion by mr kejriwal has left  the mango people even more confused to the amusement and prosperity of local chai dhabas where people were on the fence jumping with and discussing a new theory.

Talking to reporters on outskirts of bhopal at a RSS organised kabaddi competition Didi raja accussed kejriwal as being an agent of HSBC bank and using the media to solicit new clients and advertise the many benefits of HSBC bank compared to their local bankers.

Digi raja Quoted Kejrival from the expose episode on swiss accounts saying that kejriwal repeated the many benefits of having a account in HSBC account vis -a – vis the SBI who in common knowledge make account opening and withdrawing your own money make you feel as if you have successfully manage to rob a bank in broad day light.

To back his claim Diggi Raja provided Stats of new account enquiries being made everyday and no of accounts suddenly shooting up by almost 1500% in just a matter of 3 days since the press conference on Swiss accounts.

This was all a sponsored propganda by hsbc bank to spruce up its sale and market share in india which has been losing is sheen for the past few years Digvijay said.

When our reported asked HSBC CFO if what digvijay singh claimed was correct an angry Chow mei refuted the allegations and claimed that the stats that were taken out of context.

On the contrary Mei Claimed that since the expose HSBC is finding it incresingly hard to continue operations in India.

He claimed that it was true that almost 387000 calls for opening new accounts with the geneva or dubai branch have been recived every 10 mins these calls have been made by mischeive makers to get back at us for supporting the scam. Our Representatives have been running from pillar to post o these mischeivious customers where on their visits they are being handed Rs. 10 notes to open accounts in our branches. Where we have expected a minimum of 30 crores as initial deposits. this has thrown our forecast way out whic we revised on getting so many customr calls mei said.

Mei also claimed that since then, they have suspended all new account openings and have also lost a potentially real customer called by the name Salman not sure if he is a politician or a film celebrity.

On the other topic one reporter has sent us an exclusive story on Digvijay but we are unable to print it as the reporter has been abducted from a event last night. apparently he dared to ask Digvijay what he was doing as a cheif guest at a RSS organised event. Digi did not answer but seems to have made some phone call after that. the reporter has been missing since then.more on that later.

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