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Digvijay Launches His Own Blog, Draws More Flak Than Followers!

28, Jan 2013 By punter

Senior leader of Congress, Digvijay Singh once again found himself amidst deep waters when all he was trying to be more open to the common man.

The gaffe happened when Digvijay Singh was about to launch his own blog the presence of hundreds of reporters and a huge fanfare. All was well when suddenly the auditorium, where the press conference was scheduled, burst into laughter following the unveiling of the online blog live on screen. This happened because the blog which was reportedly titled as “Diggy Raja” appeared on-screen as “Dig Raja”.

Digvijay was shocked and at the same time infuriated by the disgraceful behavior shown by the media persons. He could only speak after having few glasses of ice cold water. His first reaction was much of an anger outburst than an explanation, “See, this is what RSS is all about; since they cannot malign my public friendly image, they have taken into cheap tactics to make a mockery of me. I am sure my account was hacked before launching.”

On asked that maybe it’s a “typo”, Digvijay rubbished it by saying “I double spell-check my own name before publishing, I am sure there is RSS hand in it, period.”

Mr Kabil Sibal said he was disgusted by the whole incident, “I stand by Digvijay Ji’s remark, but for a moment, even if I agree to you people too that it might have been a typo, still it must have been corrected by the blogging site operators. This is their moral obligation.” He further added ,”See, prominent personalities don’t have much time to think before they speak or write, as they have dedicated much of their cognitive powers towards nation building. So even if we speak or write something that appears to be out of context or misleading, it’s the responsibility of the social media to present our views in a better way to public.”

An insider from the I&B ministry, later told the reporter that Kapil Sibal concern is very serious in nature and I&B ministry is framing some tough norms for the Social Media to curb the issues Mr Sibal discussed earlier.

The PMO, informed that the PM won’t be able to express his views right now, as he has been into an state of emotional turmoil since he has watched “Barfi.”

Interestingly at the time of this report being published, Digvijay Singh has garnered some interesting personalities to be his followers, namely Veena Malik, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra, Ashmit Patel and Mamata Banerjee.

Also, news has come in that reporter and journalist of national fame, Arnab Goswami was held outside Digvijay Singh’s residence later that night in an inebriated state, shouting “The nation demands an answer.”