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Digvijay demands Rahul shall be made the first President of BRICS Bank

16, Jul 2014 By deadlycomrade

New Delhi: Digvijay Singh, who said Rahul Gandhi lacked temperament for ruling a few days ago and in a damage control mode now, gave a bold statement today.

He declared that the country is not ripened for Rahul’s leadership and the Prince has absolutely nothing to do with the general election loss.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi
“Mom, but power is poison.”

He further insisted that Rahul is a world-class leader and not of India-class. “Country may not believe this, but this is the truth and it can be easily proved. India has got first term of BRICS Bank presidency, Rahul should be immediately made its president, he will prove his mettle on the global stage,” Digvijay said while thumping the table.

“Rahul said poverty was a state of mind, nobody agreed. He wanted empowerment and refused development. But people were enticed by Modi’s pro-development arguments and failed to give a chance to Rahul Gandhi. It was clearly a fault of the people and it can be proved now. The government should immediately nominate Rahul Gadhi as President of BRICS Bank,” he demanded.

The Party is eager to secure this position for Rahul. Some party sources said Sonia Gandhi is ready to give up her demand for Leader of Opposition status to Congress Party if Modi government agrees to make Rahul the first BRICS Bank President.

The party, which is trying hard to prove that Rahul is a leader material, has urged Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia, who have influential contacts in World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to send recommendation letters to BRICS Headquarters in support of Rahul’s candidature.

The party hopes that the real leader in Rahul will come out if this proposal got through, which will ensure the party’s return to power in 2019.