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Digvijay demands Elephant GP at Noida

22, Jun 2015 By TEJASH PATEL

Bhopal. During the third conference of the day, organized by congress to demand resignation of Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje; Digvijay Singh, a young and enthusiastic leader of congress from MP demanded “Elephant GP Race” on the Buddha international circuit at Noida.

In the replay of the question asked in PC related to Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the Chhattisgarh, Congress leaders had all this to say:

This Government will make Elephants and Poor Extinct!: Digvijay Singh
This Government will make Elephants and Poor Extinct, just like they did with Congress!: Digvijay Singh

Earlier Rahul Gandhi went to Chhattisgarh for “Padyatra”. During the visit, he took a dig on central government for Land Bill Ordinance. He also told to tribes that “ham haathi ko dekhte hai to hame dar lagta hai, vaise hi haathi ko bhi dar lagta hai. Jaise aap ka ghar ja raha hai waise haathi ka bhi ghar ja raha hai.” Rahul also mentioned that,”Land of farmers were taken away by government in Noida and now they have built race track there”.

In the reply to the question asked by reporter about congress’ actions to protect rights of tribes in LBA, Digvijay Singh told, “We will do anything to protect the elephants and tribes as our leader Rahul Ji said.” He also included that congress will not allow tribes to leave elephants alone in forest. As per Digvijay Singh, BJP government in Chhattisgarh is destroying large area of forest and taking away food of elephants.

“For the survival of the elephants they need employment and that can only be provided by organize such events like “Elephant GP Race” on the tracks built by farmers land”, He added last.