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Dhara-Edible oil brings back RaGa home

27, Apr 2015 By ankitash

New Delhi. Rather a much surprise to all, who were speculating whether Baba was visiting Bangkok to empower ladies there, by accepting their offering of massage in exchange of money or may have gone to any meditation centre to find inner peace, after taking inspiration from ‘Kung-Fu Panda’s Master Shifu’, he was found sitting on a bench at New-Delhi Railway Station.

Rahul Gandhi on New Delhi Railway Station
Rahul Gandhi on New Delhi Railway Station, in tensed mood till he heard ‘Jalebi’

Founded by Diggi Mamu, who was visiting this Railway Station to receive Amu’s friends, was dumbstruck after seeing Raga sitting there with his head down between his knees. Mamu was surprisingly happy about the fact that finally he could find the next gen KKR of politics and with not much ado, had asked him to come home as the whole party needs him and was missing his wise instructions. RaGa was very determined not to go since he was not made any minister this time even after winning the election from his area whereas his opponent had been given a cabinet rank even after losing. He wanted to fight for his right.

Diggi Sir, who is known to be RaGa’s political guru went into a deep thought, “Between his tutelage and RaGa’s brain, which is worse?” And then came the Brahmastra of Mamu who made his point very clear by saying, ‘Arey Baba, ghar chalo! Nahin toh jo mummy ne jalebiyaan banayi hai, woh kaun khaaega?’  By listening these words, Rahul’s brain worked with the speed of light, his eyes popped out and he uttered in the most innocent way, “Jalebi?? ” by rotating his tongue around his lips.

Hence, RaGa was brought home.