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Delhiites fed up with AAP, saying the promised number of dharnas not delivered

07, Feb 2014 By Delusional Desi

In another setback for AAP, the common men and women of Delhi are complaining against the failed promises of the government.

We want Dharna! We want  Dharna!
We want Dharna! We want Dharna!

The manifesto mentioned that Dharnas will be dime a dozen, however, after the initial one which AAP used to deflect attention and send some police officers on leave, there have been none forthcoming. Said one citizen, “They are letting us down. They do not understand that by not doing regular Dharnas, they are putting several people out of work. Chaiwallas on the road, the freelance photographers, and the chat-stand owners are among the worst hit.”

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has stated that the party will deliver as promised, as soon the citizens give them proof that Dharnas were promised in continuity. “It is our duty to serve the people, and we are one of them. If the people want Dharnas, who is the government to stop their wishes? We will give them what they want.”