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Delhi Police to get innovative image change

18, Jan 2014 By khakshar

The Delhi Police has submitted a proposal to Lt.Governor Mr.Jung regards innovative way of changing it’s long tattered image.

Somnath Bharti in action.

The proposal however will need the approval of  AAP government to be implemented. The Delhi Police commissioner has sought an interview with Mr.Jung and Mr.Kejriwal.

The proposal requests  more active co-operation by AAP ministers and AAP activists. The proposal is based on assumptions that Cameras and Journalist teams will follow AAP ministers.

The ruckus and the melodrama created by the activists will show Delhi Police officials to look saner and reasonable. The accused can be released once the the camera stops rolling. The Ministers of course can have a separate Press Conference to hog limelight.The cost involved will be minimal compared to exuberant charges of image change over Agency.

However Office of Lieutenant Governor  has proposed a draft copy of the proposal should also be sent to Ministry of External Affairs as the action by Delhi Police could involve roughing up foreign nationals.

Sources in MEA have confirmed acceptance of the proposal in principle as it would mean more leverage to the ministry in any future “Gobar Khade” like cases.