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Delhi govt changes names of Metro stations after aam aadmi, Rajiv Chowk becomes Lallan Chowk

14, Apr 2015 By rocky

New Delhi. AAP government (obviously Kejriwal) has decided to change names of Delhi Metro stations after names of aam aadmi, which are heard in almost every family.

PAC (obviously excluding Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan) has unanimously voted in the favour of changing these names.

These are some of the names of stations which are going to be changed soon. Rajiv Chowk will now be known as Lallan Chowk, Ramesh Nagar as Chuttu Nagar, Patel Chowk as Babloo Chowk, Patel Nagar as Kumar Nagar.

Delhi Metro
“Next station is Lallan Chowk”

“People can identify more with the city stations in this way,” claimed a party worker. Kumar Vishwas is the only AAP leader who made it to the list and was very happy about it.

But people of Delhi are very disappointed with this change on issue of names claiming that these names are not heard in Delhi anymore. and immediately demanded to change them rather to Shanky, Tony, Abhi and some other cool names.

As expected Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan are also disappointed with the choice of names.

Yogendra Yadav said, “These names identify more with the criminals rather than names of aam aadmi and Party is clearly seen to be compromising with the principles.” Prashant Bhushan as usual has posted a open letter and suggested some adarsh aam aadmi names in the letter.

Kiran Bedi lambasted Kejriwal over missing of female names in the list and said that AAP is not concerned about women and their empowerment and was shocked not to find names such as Chutki, Lali there. Shanti Bhushan considered comment of Kiran Bedi as Political Metrostroke and hoped that she would  make a comeback soon.