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DD unrepentant on editing Modi’s interview, to now play Rahul Gandhi’s speeches in the background with all programming

06, May 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: After editing several parts of Narendra Modi’s interview, Doordarshan – the “independent” news channel managed by the Indian government has announced that it will now go ahead and play Rahul Gandhi’s speeches in the background whatever be the visuals playing on the screen. Prasar Bharti’s CEO made a statement to this effect today.

Rahul Gandhi Sleeves
Get ready to laugh

“Yes we did edit Mr. Modi’s interview with the full backing of madamji,” the CEO said, referring ostensibly to Sonia Gandhi. “But madam has asked us to go a step further and play Rahulji’s speeches more, to counter the effect made by Narendra Modi’s speech. Since there are not too many visuals that we have of Rahulji’s speeches, we have decided to go ahead and play his voice in loop in the background, while playing random visuals at the front-end.”

“Yes yes, we will ensure whatever visuals are playing along with Rahulji’s voice are secular,” the CEO said, responding to a query from this reporter.

Responding to a query from another reporter on how this would impact the channel’s already plummeting TRPs, he said, “On the contrary, I have been told that Rahulji’s speeches are quite popular and become popular faster than any other living being’s speeches in the history of the universe. We are particularly excited about mixing and matching his “honeybee” or “escape velocity” or “hum sabne Gujarat kee mahilon ka doodh piya hai” speeches with the appropriately secular visual content!”