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Dawood Abrahim's Dinner Party

08, Aug 2014 By Hathwala Thakur

The Bhai himself called “Dawood Abrahim” arranged for a casual get-together. He called up a few Indian political leaders, (you can read political leaders as ‘Political Jokers’), the Media as well as a few people from Bollywood.

The Guest List being –

  1. Sushil Kumar Sunday – Bhai got scared when Mr. Sunday gave a statement about a few months ago, about him wanting to put Bhai under the bars, which was then proven false by Minister ‘Mr. Mamooli Ramachandran’.
  2. Mr. Dogvijay Singh – Bhai was pretty impressed by the way he behaved , how he ate at parties. Particularly because Mr. Dogvijay Singh’s behavior was so  similar to Bhai’s dog, who never failed to lick all the shit off the road & yes, bitches’ asses too.
  3. Dr. MaunMaun Singh – Bhai knew of Mr. Singh as a very polite man. So, he invited him just to have a close watch on what everybody was doing, their body language, and to keep a track of what others spoke. Specially to have a close watch on the dining skills of Mr. Dogvijay Singh, as he was well known to have had the bad habit of stealing food from parties he went to & hide chicken lollypops in his pockets.
  4. Mr. Arnold Goswami – Bhai was immensely impressed by Mr. Goswami. Bhai actually would roll on the floor every time Arnold yelled, “TELL ME, C’mon TELL ME! NATION WANTS TO KNOW THAT”. Bhai had the impression that if Arnold were to join him in his business of ‘Vasuli’ across India, it would boost up.
  5. Meena Kumar – Her politeness impressed Bhai, which she would show in the Joke Sabha. Bhai requested her to bring a 22-Caliber gun to shoot all the guests, just in case if they were to make any kind of unacceptable moves as they dined.  My sources say that Bhai himself sits on his chair whenever he sees her on TV as she yells “Aap Baith Jaaiye”.
  6. Rahil Gandhi – Bhai has invited this kid to play around with his 44 kids (11 kids from 4 wives each). Bhai’s source says Rahil likes to hop and jump on air sofas & play Hide&Seek too, because that’s what he has been playing with the media people since ages.
  7. PA of Rahil Gandhi – The Bhai called this guy just to have a close watch on and manage Rahil Gandhi, just in case if he demands unnecessary things like watching Popeye the Sailor Man or Doraemon, or if he gets an urge to operate his remote controlled car,which he carries everywhere, and make it run all around.
  8. Sanjoy Doot – I don’t think ‘Baba’ needs any kind of introduction or any reason why ‘Bhai’ called him for the dinner. Bhai ka khaas aadmi mana jata hai yeh, toh bulana to padega hi na!.
  9. Arvind Kajrewala – Bhai addresses him as ‘AK49’, Bhai had him called for dinner, so that the party doesn’t run out of water. Bhai’s source had told him that he is known to be carrying a 700ltr water tank with him. Bhai was even impressed by his “Abhi bola aur abhi hi palti maar diya” skills, cause yeh hi to funda hai bhai ke business ka!
  10. Sanjay Jhaantu – This man also needs no introduction. Bhai invited this guy just to see how Arnold Goswami trolls him during dinner, as Bhai is a big fan of Arnold’s show ‘The FuseHour’ on TimesLater.
  11. Asshutosh APP – Bhai has immense respect for this guy. Bhai would never miss his single tweet as his English is‘Mashallah English’ for Bhai. Just exactly like Bhai ka right hand Chota Shakal.


Bikini-clad waitresses roaming everywhere– There were posters of Sunny Lona on every wall of the Dining room.”Sitting arrangement (Clock wise) – Starting with ‘The Bhai’ :- “The Bhai – Dr Maun Maun Singh – Dogvijay Singh – Sanjay Jhaantu – Sushil Kumar Sunday – Meena Kumar – Rahil Gandhi – PA of Rahil – Asshutosh APP – Arvind Kejriwala – Arnold Goswami – Sanjoy Doot.

One of the waitresses who also wore only bikini, serves Sugarcane juice with Dry Manchurian. Everybody starts enjoying.

Meanwhile, Rahil Gandhi calls for a waitress, and as she comes closer – Rahil stares at her boobs – She slaps him. Rahil had to be stopped from crying and he asked for chocolate lollypop with an in-built whistle in it so that he can blow it while licking the lollypop in return. ‘We shall have this made for you in few minutes, she said’. Rahil laughed, “Khi khi khi khi khi”

Asshutosh App called up the same sexy waitress & asked her ‘Behen Thoda aur Choos do’ – Waitress got angry and told Bhai ‘Bhai ye mujhe choosne ko bol raha hai, Pata nahi kya’. ”

Bhai got up angrily with a gun in his hand “kya bak raha hai tu?!”

Kejriwala – Arre Sir ye bol raha tha – THODA AUR JUICE DO

Unable to hold on any longer, Meena Kumar commanded “AAP BAITH JAIYE BHAI, PLEASE AAP BAITH JAIYE’Ab Bhai unki itni izzat karte hai to aakhir Bhai ne gun side me rakh di aur shanti se baith gaye.”

Asshutosh sat down with a sad puppy face telling ‘Bhai galti ho gayi Bhai, maaf kar do Bhai

Starters ended & the same sexy waitresses started serving dinner. Only Chicken Lollypops were served as Bhai likes to eat nothing but chicken lollypops when the ‘Khasam Khaas’ admis are invited for dinner.

Everyone had been eating calmly as Bhai bore an AK-56, a 22-caliber gun, a hand grenade & a sword wherever he went and even while eating food.

Sanjoy Doot lifted the gun & spoke ‘Isko bolte hai Ghoda, Kya… GHODA, Isko bolte hai magazine… Isko idhar dala, aur taan diya jisko tanna hai, Trigger Dabaya… aur khel khallas… HAHAHAHA’.

Looking at this, Asshutosh & Kejriwala said ‘Bhai gun rakhdo, chaddi geeli ho gayi humari toh, Ab bathroom jana padega

*Everyone went mad laughing*

Doot keeps the Gun aside, as he didn’t want him to pee on the dining area which would have made Bhai angry. This might have lead to Khel Khallas of Kejriwlala & Asshutosh.

Under a different table, Dogvijay was eating chicken lollypops along with Bhai’s Dog who sat on the floor & the Dog was seen enjoying his company – Hence Bhai was happyMeanwhile – Dogvijay Singh was secretly slipping some pieces of chicken lollypop into his pants.

As dinner ended, everyone gave a hug to each other – Sanjoy Doot touched The Bhai’s feet & Bhai handed over an AK-56 to him as a gift. The Bhai hugs Baba tightly & pats him on his back. Bhai asks – “Salnam Kaan kaisa hai?” Baba- Badhiya hai, Chote ka filam industary me achcha time chal raha, nayi nayi item log ko kaam de raha hai.

The Bhai- hahahaha

Baba- hahahaha

And everybody leaves the room after being frisked by the security guards.

Everyone passed with a clean signal.

Dogvijay Sing enters.


Dogvijay Singh gets frightened & pees on the floor. Guards come closer furiously & give him a couple of punches, they remove all the Chicken lollypops from his pockets & have them shown to Bhai.

The Bhai- *Fires a gunshot into the air* HAHAHAHAHAHA

Sanjoy Doot- HAHAHAHAHA Arnold Goswami- HAHAHAHAHA Sushil Kumar Sunday- HAHAHAHAHA Meena Kumar- HIHIHIHIHIHI Rahil Gandhi- KHI KHI KHI KHI KHI PA of Rahil Gandhi – HAHAHAHAHA Maun Maun Singh- *He too laughed out loudly but nobody got to hear his laugh* Arvind Kejriwal- HAHAHAHAHA Sanjay Jhaantu – *He didn’t laugh under the fear of being trolled by Arnold Goswami* Asshutosh – *Laughing politely like a small child*

Dogvijay SIngh – BHOW BHOW BHOW BHOW BHOW *Gives flying kisses to Bhai’s dog*

*Party ends*

Disclaimer ~ All the characters, incidents and places mentioned in this blog/article are fictitious & imaginary. Resemblance to any person living or dead or any incident or place is purely coincidental. The intention of it is to make people laugh.