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Cyclone Hudhud is an example of Modi Wave: BJP

13, Oct 2014 By manishpaul

Seeing an opportunity to finally prove the nation that the Modi Wave does exist, the BJP on Sunday renamed the Hudhud cyclone as ‘Modi Cylone’ and declared that the wave which the people have been long searching for has finally arrived in India in a much bigger avatar.

Narendra Modi
“Its my wave”

On being asked why it took so long for the Modi Wave to reach the shores of India, Amit Shah, a close aide to Narendra Modi said,”The Modi wave started from Japan 4 months back and has finally reached India. We are checking the reasons for the delay, but now we can prove that the wave exists! Currently we are targeting the shores of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa”.

But the citizens of the country are not pleased with this. “We can not see the waves hitting our loved states and causing devastation. We have therefore requested Narendra Modi to re-route the cyclone and take away Rahul Gandhi instead.”

Meanwhile, Baba Ramdev has claimed that the Hudhud cyclone is also carrying black money from around the world. “The black money I have been fighting for is arriving in India wrapped in the Hudhud cyclone.. Kapalbharti toh karne se hota hai.. Hmph Hmph Hmph Hmph.. It has been going to all the international banks and sweeping away the black money of Indians stashed in the banks. I’m happy that the BJP has managed to get the black money of Indians in just over 100 days!” said Baba Ramdev who was doing pranayaam at the time of the interview.

The opposition parties have claimed that this is a gimmick and does not prove that the Modi wave exists. “There is nothing called cyclone Hudhud. This is just an attempt by the BJP to divert the attention of the nation from my friend Bilawal Bhutto’s statement. CBI should investigate this matter,” said Digvijay Singh. In another interview, Rahul Gandhi has termed the cyclone “a state of mind.

This article in now way intends to mock the critical situation that exists in the cyclone hit states and is just an attempt to add some political humor.