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CWC demands Z category protection to Rahul to save from Congress Party

16, Jul 2014 By deadlycomrade

New Delhi: The Congress Working Committee today wrote to Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister, demanding additional Z category protection to Rahul Gandhi to save him from the attacks of Congress Party.

“It seems most of the Congress leaders have gone berserk after the election loss and it takes some time for them to settle down, said Shakeel Ahmad, the party spokesperson. Even legends like Digvijay Singh are under such false mental mode, he rued.

Rahul Gandhi
“I need 5 more guards”

Mr. Ahmad hoped that the Minister will understand the situation of Rahul Gandhi. “Just a few  years ago BJP was also a dejected party. Haven’t they bounced back?”

He questioned the group of scribes who attended the press meet. He assured the pack that Congress will also be back with a bang any time and the only thing they now need to do is to protect their young leader, who has been groomed for Prime Ministership for 10 years. “There is no other leader in Congress Party who was groomed for so long. We cannot just ask him to take a hike now,” he elaborated.

When the confused scribes pointed out to the existing Z-plus category protection to Rahul, Ahmed promptly replied to them that – Rahul needs more protection now as this time attacks are from our own party. The problem is you never know who will start attacking him and when, and existing security arrangements cannot guard Rahul from these continuous attacks, he explained.

Meanwhile Ahmed Patel, aide of Sonia Gandhi, said so far Sonia has been protecting Rahul but this time it may not be adequate. “That’s why we want government to provide additional protection to him. Madam is doing her level best to protect our prized leader. But it seems entire Congress Party wants him to go this time. He definitely needs better protection,” he felt.

The CWC meeting expressed disappointment over its own party leaders demanding for Rahul’s head. “First India wanted him to go; now the Congress leaders are following the suit. Both actions are unacceptable to us,” said the CWC statement.