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Crocodiles outraged in Kerala and West Bengal

20, May 2014 By jainankit9

A day after result declaration, half of the nation is still celebrating the victory of PM Narendra Modi, while in some states like Kerala and West-Bengal, dreams of BJP supporters got ruined by UDF and TMC where they thought of getting more than 50% votes.

This evening an outrage broke between crocodiles of Kerala and West-Bengal and they came up on roads to show their protest against winner party  for this loksabha election of resp. states. Spectators told faking news that after 5:00PM crocodiles were seen on roads  in huge number  marching to somewhere that too in an organized way. In the first row, 3 crocodiles were holding Lotus in their mouth and behind them groups of outraged crocodiles.

This rally started from local ponds, opposing win of other party in their way from ponds to fixed checkpoints. At 4:00PM all crocs gathered and enjoyed their “Macchi Tikka” at checkpoints and at 5:00 they were spotted by public.

This scenario was spotted in main cities of Kerala and West-Bengal where BJP lost with heavy margin. In the end of the outraged croc rally, all crocs gathered outside of UDF (Kerala) and TMC (West-Bengal) party office and showed their anger in form of bitten punctured vehicle tires, broken flower pots and group pooping inside party office. Officers of Forest department are still silent but are prepared for worst, says Ranga ponnusamy balamurugans Swami Krishan Iyer (Sr. Cheif Executive-Forest Operations).

Makaru Modi in Modi Look

Makaru Modi, croc that modi brought  home in his childhood and freed him because her mother told him to,is behind this well planned outraged rally. Makaru Modi named himself, after Narendra Modi became Cheif Minister of Gujrat. Forest officers from Gujrat says Makaru has been copying Modi and wears Modi style Jacket and Kurta purely made from local water weeds and grasses, he takes pauses and uses “Hisss his hissss” (Bhaiyo aur Behno) in his lectures and Makar Sangathan meetings. Makaru has active twitter account and is following only Narendra Modi and retweets his every tweet. Makaru is aggressive in his talks, fearless and has strong base support from croc and most of the reptilian community as-well including pythons.

Makaru too was’nt given Visa to travel to other region, but he was comfortable and did’t gave any f*** to it.

When Makaru saw BJP loosing in 2 states with major difference, he could’nt control his anger and took a pledge to not to eat Fish Curry Khichdi till he take revenge for this faliure.

Forest ministry feared Makaru’s base support, so ministry informed Narendra Modi about this act of Makaru and has requested to cool him down. Let’s See what happens next. Will Makaru cool down?? Stay tuned to faking news for furether updates.