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Crocodile organization claimed royalty from Ashutosh for tears

24, Apr 2015 By prabhatgarya

Seeing Ashutosh shedding crocodile tears on a national TV channel all croc’s of India have called an urgent meeting. The meeting was organised in Hotel Taj with immediate attention to all its activists. The president of croc organisation has presented the issue before the committee.

He told that the crocodiles are in grave danger from an AAP party’s leader Mr. Ashutosh. He has stolen our own secret of shedding tears in our style. It is our own product and comes under copyright.

Ashutosh thieving Crocodile Tears
Thief Ashutosh stealing Crocodile Tears

An old member came forward with a papers of copyright and showed it to all other members. He claimed ten percent royalty charges for allegedly using their assets without their written consent.

The members have again warned anyone of using their patent without their written permission. There was a consensus among the members croc’s organisation for bringing a resolution in the parliament in this regard.

The name of the resolution was unanimously decided as crocodile tears bill. Kumar Viswas a leader of AAP has blamed crocodiles of politicizing the issue. He further told our reporter that Mr. Ashutosh was using unpatented part of tear shedding. It was BJP and Congress which were trying to gain the political mileage to incite the croc’s against us.