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Crocodile announces wear and tears shirts and T-shirts for Indian political market!

28, Apr 2015 By RT

Hong Kong. Leading T-shirts exporters, Crocodile Garments, announced export of their brand new product line ‘Wear and Tears’ T-shirts and shirts, targeting the political market in India. The products will be available in all major stores across India, starting from 01st of May, 2015, the company press release read.

Unique feature of the new product line, which currently is customized to suit Indian political state of affairs, has been researched by the Garment makers for several months in their labs, the press release further added. The feature, simply put, is ‘Tears’: When someone is wearing a ‘Wear and Tears’ T-shirt or shirt, he/she will be able to cry and produce tears at will.

“The feature is going to do wonders for the politicians in India, who will not be able to openly use Glycerin for fake tears, in public. The shirt, for

The sensor that will sense the hymn ‘HO-OH-OH’ and would instantly ensure the teary eyes!
The sensor that will sense the hymn ‘HO-OH-OH’ and would instantly ensure the teary eyes!

instance, has unique pouches inside packets (hidden and invisible to naked eyes) which upon pressing and saying the hymn ‘HO-OH-OH’, will make the person cry with abundant tears, instantly.

The company reserves the right to keep the patent-pending science behind it, secret. Also, only the proud owners of a ‘Wear and Tears’ shirt will be supplied with an owner’s manual on how to use the pouches for crocodile tears. The ‘HO-OH-OH’ is just a novel idea to make the performer prepare before crying out loud. After all, HO-OH-OH is the chemical formula of glycerin and it does add a nice enrichment to tears”, the company PRO emitted smugness with every word that he spoke.

When Faking News probed him about the buyers in India, the man was very careful in giving out any information. “Yes. We already have some bulk pre-orders from a party which had brought tears to millions in India, for years. A political party from Tamilnadu has enquired for premium shirts at low price for the daily usage. A party which promises alternate politics offered to sell a new scientific formula while making the improvised product line and in return asked for not selling the product in India. Finally, there is a special order from a party asking for crocodile boot and a specially made crocodile monogrammed Bandhgala suit”, he finished.