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CPIM planning mass protest against decline in petrol prices

15, Sep 2014 By Nidheesh Narayanan

Trivandrum: The Kerala State Unit of the CPIM is planning mass protest in the state against the continued decline in the prices of petrol since the Narendra Modi Government took over at the centre. The prices have been down by almost Rs 5 in Kerala since the new government took over.

Narendra Modi
A deeply distressed Modi.

When contacted by this correspondent, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan said that the continuous reduction in the prices of petrol is against the secular traditions of our country.

He said – This is the hidden communal agenda of Narendra Modi that is being implemented in this country. Modi is insulting our brothers belonging to a particular community in oil exporting Arab countries by continuously reducing the prices. How can we tolerate this blindly? No secular India can ever endure this! This has to be stopped immediately.

To get an alternate view from the party, we contacted Mr VS Achutanandan, the Leader of Opposition of the CPIM in the Kerala Assembly.

He retorted to our query that – Modi is driving the petrol pump employees to suicide by continuously reducing the prices, week after week. How can they survive in such an environment? When the cost of essential commodities is increasing, how can they survive with reduced sales revenue at petrol pumps? We stand by the working class! We demand an immediate rollback in the reduction of petrol price.

This correspondent also contacted Mr Prakash Karat, the General Secretary of CPIM. He confirmed that he was aware of the state unit’s plan to strike, and this had the approval of the Politburo.

He added – The number of road accidents in the state are increasing due to the increased number of vehicles on Kerala roads due to this regular reduction in prices. This is gross violation of human rights. The Central Government needs to answer! Modi is responsible!

The strike is expected to commence from October 1 to coincide with the public holidays and weekend so that people get to stay at home for a long holiday session.

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