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Cows should be given voting rights, says Sadhvi Culture Maharaj

15, Apr 2015 By shridhar

Sanskari Yojana Sabha leader has said that cows should be given voting rights. This statement comes after many leaders are demanding taking away voting rights from Muslims. This was too complicated to understand so we spoke to Sadhvi Culture Maharaj.

Happy cow
A cow’s reaction after hearing the statement

Kekdekar : Why cows, when you want voting rights taken away from people from certain community?

SCM : See its all about empowerment of people suppressed for thousands of years. We believe that voting rights to Cow Mata, the most sacred animal of Hindus is going to bring self confidence among Hindus and that will help in development of our Bharat.

Kekdekar : But how will that help? Cows don’t know how to vote.

SCM : Please say Cow Mata and not Cow. Show some respect . Who said they don’t know how to vote? We as a country have never given them the right to vote. Lets do it and you will be surprised.

Kekdekar : Don’t you think it will create a vote bank ?

SCM : If Congress supports voting rights for certain community you won’t call it vote bank politics. You call them Secular. If we support voting rights for Cow Mata, you say we are doing vote bank politics. See, that is why I call you Presstitutes.

Kekdekar : I can’t really make sense of it. Why other animals shouldn’t be given voting rights ?

SCM : Cow Mata is very sacred. Other animals are less sacred then Cow Mata. Super sacredness of Cow Mata makes her eligible for all the rights that we have in this country. That includes voting rights. If somebody has a problem with that then we don’t actually care about them.

It seems that we are going to witness something that no other democracy has seen or will do. Not sure how all this will work out but one thing is certain, People seem more concerned about Animal rights than Human rights in this country.