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Congress workers flood Gandhi Villa with phone calls worried over the news of "MOM reaching Mars"

27, Sep 2014 By theassoul

Delhi- In an recent incident the House of Mrs. Gandhi was flooded with phone calls and SMSs from many congress well wishers, MPs (43 out of 44) and sympathizers of the NDA. The area of concern was the MOM reaching Mars.


“At around 12:30 pm, it started with SMSs but later it went to telephone, which did not stop ringing the whole day,” said the maid at the Gandhi Villa.

The whole scene was actually created by the news of Mars Orbiter Mission, more popularly known as MOM reaching the Martian orbit as a great leap in Space technology by India. All the news channels were broadcasting the news where the more famous name MOM was used to describe the Mars Orbiter made and successfully placed in the Martian orbit by ISRO. Some congressies’ inexorable predilection towards Mrs Gandhi (mom) made them give away their incisive capabilities and they called up to confirm what was the matter.

“We were really worried about madam, first we heard it in the news and then the PM said MOM has reached martian orbit we thought he was politicizing it calling it MOM but over love for Rahul Baba really blinded our senses and we came here to check if Mars (oops madam) was safe. She is safe and having her regular palm exercise as usual. We are really relieved now,” said one of the Congress leader present at the Gandhi Villa.