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Congress upset with Indians mourning about APJ Abdul Kalam claiming that Pratibha Patil was a better President

28, Jul 2015 By Ajoy Kumar Singha

Congress Party’s decision makers are believed to be upset with millions of people mourning over the sudden demise of ex-President and missile scientist Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Internal sources reveal Congress always believed Pratibha Patil was a better President than Dr. Kalam. That’s the precise reason they nominated Pratibha Patil as presidential candidate instead of giving Dr. Kalam another chance at the Rastrapati Bhawan in 2007.

Pratibha Patil: A VISIBLY better President that India deserve!
Pratibha Patil: A VISIBLY better President that India deserve!

Dr. Kalam who was nominated by Vajpayee Govt. in 2002 as the presidential candidate was willing to serve another term at the Rastrapati Bhawan if only it was certain that he would win the election. If Congress Party was willing to support Dr. Kalam he would have won by a clear majority as it happened with Pratibha Patil.

But Congress Party leaders (well, the leader – no plural) decided to go ahead with party’s most qualified candidate Mrs. Pratibha Patil to head the nation. Pratibha Patil was eventually elected with a huge margin as the 12th President of India. She would later make India famous and well known to the World by extensively traveling to various nations listed in the drop down list of countries in Air India’s ticket booking system.

Congress Party was little reluctant to mourn Dr. Kalam’s death in public because of their greater respect for Pratibha Patil than Dr. Kalam. But someone from the minority vote bank committee suggested they better do it, at least on TV Channels and in Social Media.

Last heard, Pratibha Patil was writing a book called “Wings of Flight” inspired by Dr. Kalam’s popular book “Wings of Fire”.