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Congress to outlaw Hinduism, including Hindu scriptures and practices if voted to power again

09, May 2014 By Method in-Madness

New Delhi: The Congress party, here on Tuesday, has publicly announced its plan to outlaw Hinduism, including Hindu scriptures and practices. According to sources, the move materialized on the initiative and efforts of Sonia Gandhi ji.

The Congress party is set to introduce the new bill titled “Prohibition of Hinduism and Hindu Practices Bill, 2014” which shall be placed before the parliament post-elections around June, should Congress be voted to power again.

The news comes after many Congress leaders slammed Narendra Modi, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, for invoking communalism in his speeches and polarizing the voters. Narendra Modi had used an image of Lord Ram in the background in one of his speeches in UP.

Leading from the front is Congress foot-soldier and Union Minister Kapil Sibal. “We cannot let politicians like Modi divide the nation on the basis of religion. By using communal images of Lord Ram as background for his speeches, Modi is mischievously changing the agenda of the elections from development to religion,” Sibal said at a press event while announcing the Congress party’s new Bill.

Union Minister Kapil Sibal (seen above) said India needs the support of its secular minorities and urged citizens to vote for Congress

While expressing the need to outlaw Hinduism, Sibal continued “Hinduism is a communal religion. Its leading to a polarized atmosphere in India. Minorities, especially Muslims and Christians, are feeling intimidated by Hinduism. Its creating confusion about number of Gods that there are”.

Another Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, also present at the event, randomly brought up Arya Samaj. “Arya Samaj does not know anything about Hinduism. There is a difference between Hinduism and Hindutva. Hindutva is a right-wing fascist ideology practiced by RSS and Modi which has got nothing to do with Hinduism. Hinduism is more close to what the late Shri Osama-ji and Shri Hafiz-sahab practice in pakistan,” Diggy continued “the credit for the Bill goes to Sonia ji in furtherance of her efforts to help Indians maintain their ‘Hindustaniyat’ and ‘Bharatiyata'”

The new Bill provides for stringent punishment for the practice of Hinduism. Any person being a ‘Hindu’ shall be termed as an offender and shall be liable to be arrested and questioned, but let free if he converts to a secular religion. However, still if any person continues to be a Hindu shall be termed as a ‘repeat offender’ the punishment for which is rigorous imprisonment for a term not less than 5 years.

Further, the Bill seeks to specifically ban Hindu slogans such as ‘Jai Shri Ram’ or ‘Har Har Mahadev’. Any person found publicly chanting such a slogan shall be punishable with a fine not less than Rs. 50,000/-.

Many secular liberals and intellectuals have stamped their approval to Congress party’s new move. “It is heartening to see Indians shredding their regressive, old and primitive culture and moving ahead with times. Hinduism should have been outlawed during the British Raj itself. Hinduism is undoing all the wonderful modern etiquette that the British taught to us”, Mr. Chamaresh Mishra, a secular liberal who has been given a grant by an international foundation to write a book based on India’s history, had to say.