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Congress to increase retirement age to prove Rahul is 'Yuva'

27, Jan 2014 By allahabadi

With the elections looming round the corner the congress in a frantic move has decided to increase the retirement age to 70 in order to continue promoting Rahul Gandhi as the ‘young’ face of the party.

Rahul baba
Youthful Rahul

With the party already under pressure due to aam aadmi party’s successful wooing of the ‘aam admi’ of Delhi the move comes as great relief to the party cadres which was finding it hard to market the now 43 year old man as ‘young.’

The decision is considered important especially since Arvind Kejriwal, who happens to be 45 and has in the past one year not only opened up his own party but also managed to win an actual election, is likely to attract actually young voters.

Rahul Gandhi or Rahul Baba as he is fondly called is currently the chairperson of the ‘youth’ congress.

A senior party member, who brags of knowing every speech made by every Gandhi family member by heart, on conditions of anonymity remarked ‘with Rahul baba only 17 years away from the official retirement age it was difficult to convince people that his lack of any significant political achievement was due to his tender age and not his inability to run an election campaign,’ another congress youth worker had this to say, “I have been following Rahul ji for quite some time now, and though we in congress know of his youth the same is no longer reflected in his public addressals and raising the retirement age will give a great boost to his youthful image, as there is only so much make up can do and.”

With this announcement Rahul Gandhi can be safely expected continue his youthful campaign for the next 10 to 15 years. The news also comes as pleasant surprise to the now waning actors of Bollywood who look upto Rahul Gandhi as an inspiration in public denial of ageing and would use this as an excuse to continue to act in age inappropriate roles.

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