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Congress to give LS seat to person interrupting Rahul's interview

01, Feb 2014 By manithan

Rahul once disrupted press meet of Ajay Maken, which is now being copied by his party (as usual)

Delhi: There were rumors going around among the Delhi political circle that Indian National Congress have decided to provide Lok Sabha seat to the person who can interrupt and stop any future Rahul Gandhi press meet or interview. This excited the already excited aam aadmis in the national capital who are known to create problem to foreign nationals. Many were seen running behind Rahul’s car wherever it goes in the capital. An African-looking athlete who thought he was chased by aam aadmis (who were chasing Rahul’s car), started running fastly and mistakenly overtook Vadra’s car and was fined.

Indrajeet, a college student and national level athlete, was doing his warm up outside Rahul’s residence, when our reporter spoke with him. A panting Indrajeet said, “If I could interrupt Rahul’s press meet or interview, then I might get to become candidate for my hometown during Lok Sabha elections. No need to pay anything to the party or businessmen. I am confident that I can run very fast and throw away papers, mikes and disturb the audience. I can also jump hurdles, so I can use this skill to jump the cameras and break them. “

Jennifer, a stage artiste, was practising her dialogues of how to stop next interview of Rahul with Arnab Goswami. She said, “I will be going along with Alok Nathji to the interview studio, shout ‘rukho, is interview ko rukho.. tum mere prashna ka jawaab pehle poocho, mere pyaare..’. Then my father alok nath ji will say ‘rahul baba, mein aapko mera beti ka kanyadaan karega, par, uske pehle, aapko kuch dimaag-daan karna chahiye’.

One congress leader on anonymity revealed the reason for this sudden announcement, “Our Madam was highly worried by the way our Prince Rahul ji stuttered like a child during the interview with Arnab. He became a laughing stock for the social media, though our sycophant media somehow turned it into ‘big blow to Modi’. But, when we saw how our MLA disrupted Kejriwal’s press meet, we thought ‘why not disrupt our Rahulji’s interview when he is struggling to answer’. And, this scheme of letting people to disrupt Rahul’s interview was decided unanimously as the best idea to let Rahul baba escape from tough questions. In order to boost people to perform best, we have spread a rumor that they will be given Lok Sabha seat.”

Then, he told our reporter to go off the record and murmured near his ear, “Once, the person disrupts the interview, he or she will be arrested for ‘trying to attack Rahul’ and will be sent to jail. And, we will deny the LS seat to them citing that we cannot run criminals for elections,” Saying so, he chuckled.

While congress party can now breath easy, there were tensions among certain senior party leaders that, ‘what if Rahul was doing good in interview/press meet, and people disrupt his interview?’